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The Sound Truth about Wood Flooring and Accoustical Systems

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Many residents in multi-family construction and high rise condominiums would like to replace carpeting with wood flooring. However such installations are concerning due to condominium requirements and building codes relating to noise which may transfer to neighbors down stairs.

Fortunately there are several ways to meet or exceed local codes and not violate your condominium association rules.

The most common material used for this purpose is cork. Typically 1⁄4” cork underlayment installed beneath wood flooring is provides sufficient acoustical dampening to meet all requirements. Bostik sells both 1⁄4” and 1⁄2” cork underlayment which may be glued to concrete subfloors using any of Bostik’s Urethane adhesives. Once the cork is installed, wood flooring is bonded directly over the cork underlayment with a Bostik Urethane adhesive.

The cork system is popular and proven. However installation of cork prior to the flooring adds considerable labor, materials cost and elevation. So, as an alternative to cork Bostik manufactures MVP4 which is a liquid applied urethane membrane with good acoustical dampening properties. MVP4 is simply applied with a notched trowel the afternoon before installation of wood flooring. It is a quick, easy process that does not add any appreciable elevation to the project.

There are various acoustical systems on the market. Most of which are compatible with with Bostik Urethane adhesives. For more information call Bostik Technical Service at 800 523 6530