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TruColor Pre-Mixed Grout Tips on Mixing and Cleaning

Monday, June 8, 2009
Urethane grout is an easily installed product, but it is different to use than conventional grouts. We will review the mixing and cleaning protocols that we recommend to our customers.


There are two ways to mix urethane grout. We always recommend and prefer that the customer hand mix the product with a margin trowel. If the customer prefers to use anelectric mixer be sure to remind them to only mix for ONLY 30 seconds on low speed (it is really easy and fast to bring this product into suspension with an electric mixer).
After mixing with an electric mixer the product should stand 10 minutes before use. The use of an electric mixer will add air to the grout mix causing potential slumping in vertical applications and sinking in some floor applications.

Note: The customer should continue to stir the grout with a margin trowel during grout application.


There is no easier grout to clean in the industry as long as you clean correctly. Spread the grout using a green epoxy rubber float. Only spread an area that you can reach and then immediately clean with clean water (this is a clean as you go product). As you are wiping the surface make sure the sponge is wrung nearly dry. Since the float removes 95% of the grout from the surface you need little water to clean the surface. Additionally, the less water you use the faster the product will cure. Remember urethane grout is an air dried product and cure is dependent on temperature and humidity.


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